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Jane, Islington, North London
‘Great service, very informative technician, will recommend to others’.


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‘Very efficient service and comprehensive treatment for rodents, problem gone after initial treatment, thank you.

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 Quick Facts

UK is currently experiencing a huge increase in pest population:

 Brown Rats are increasing 39% year-on-year
 House Mice are increasing 12.5% year-on-year
 Summer Rats are increasing 69% year-on-year
 Bed Bugs cases increasing 40% year-on-year

What does this mean:
A average Londoner is no more than 14 metres away from a rat (last year 18 metres).
Despite tonnes of poison being laid out annually, more than 70 million brown rats are now estimated to be scurrying around Britain, more than one for every human.

Pest Control Solution – Helping Londoners with pioneering solutions

Pest Control Solution is a London based Pest Control Company, specializing in treatment of pests in Domestic and Commercial premises. We are a established company that is registered in England and Wales as a Limited company at the Companies House under DealWest Ltd.

We cover Pest Control in London, Pest Control in South London, Pest Control in East London, Pest Control in West London, Pest Control in North London, Pest Control in M25 borders, Pest Control in Croydon, Pest Control in Surrey and Pest Control in Bromley. We have operatives strategically located in all areas to offer guaranteed response time of 1 hour with priority call-outs for emergencies.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year without exception. So no matter how big or small pest control problem you may be experiencing we will always be at hand to help.

We provide comprehensive pest control solutions for a wide range of pests including:
Rat pest control, Mouse pest control, Rodent pest control, Cockroach pest control, Bedbugs pest control, Moths pest control, Fleas pest control, Ants pest control, Wasps pest control, Flies pest control, Squirrel pest control, Crawling insects pest control, Fumigation pest control and other Domestic and Commercial pest control.

The aim of our business is to provide both helpful advice and practical help to clients that are experiencing pest infestation in their property through:

 Environmentally friendly pest control treatments to eradicates pest problems

 Develop pro-active pest control solutions to prevent future pest infestations

Our team of pest control technicians are professionally trained by the British Pest Control Association and certified by The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (RSPH).

We offer professional and friendly services that are reliable, effective and competitive.

We work with clients from all industry sectors including:

  • Catering Trade
  • Letting an Estate Agents
  • Food Retailing
  • Office Environments
  • Food Manufacture
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel Operators / Hospitality
  • Local Authorities
  • Logistics
  • Retailing
  • Education Establishments
  • Government Buildings
  • Foreign Embassies

Our pest control technicians are fully knowledgeable in the relevant pest control laws and the obligations it places on our clients across all industry sectors. This enables us to advise our clients accordingly and develop relevant pest control measures to comply with the law, in the order to satisfy the Public Health Executives and protect our client’s business.

Our services and treatments are fully compliant with UK and European legislations including:

 COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)
 Control of Pesticides Act, 1986

Please browse through our website for more information about and our services.

Should you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with our pest control technicians please telephone us on 0800 619 0055 or email us.


Quality Control & Satisfaction Guarantee

For quality control and your reassurance, we are full members of UK’s Pest Control industry’s trade bodies Our membership with these organisation means, our business is fully insured and complaint with all the relevant UK legislations. Our services, treatments and communication are governed by trade body’s code of conduct therefore as a customer you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest possible customer service with guaranteed customer satisfaction and best pest control results.

 24 hr Expert Advice from Senior Surveyor on  079 4387 5884
 Buzz of the Month
 Our Rodent poison baits now come with a special 'Mummyfying Agent' that helps to prevent dead corps from decomposing and creating bad smell. Ask our staff for more details
 We now offer FREE Risk Assessment with all rodent treatments
 Our Cockroche treatment now guarantees 100% Eradication within First Treatment!

 GO GREEN! Rodent Pest Proofing Service Now Available - permanent solution to your rodent problem and it's poison free!

 HomeBuyers Pest Control Survey - Due to popular demand from our customers, we have now launched UK's first HomeBuyers report that looks into any existing or future pest control problems that a property may have. It is one the most useful service and one that can potentially save thousands of pounds and a lot of future stress from dealing with pest control problems. Speak to our staff for more details.

 Safety First
 In homes with young children and pets, we use 'Temper-proof' bait boxes that can not be opened without a key
 Full COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation) assessment is undertaken before commencement of all treatments
 All pesticides that we use are approved under The Control of Pesticides Regultion 1986
 For added peace of mind our services are covered by £10m public liability insurance

 Infestation of Week
 This week we have been called out to treat this flat in Central London, where an elderly gentleman lives.
 There were in excess of 5000 eggs and 500 live bed bugs found crawling around the place.
 The bed sheet and duvet was covered with eggs and bedbugs as it can be seen from the pictures below :

 Leading Edge Technology
 At Pest Control Solution, we always thrive to be ahead of competition and deliver better services for our customers
 With this in mind we have now invested in some of the finest pest control technologies in the industry
 We are now able to use state of the art technology to get under the skin of the pests like rodents to understand their individual behaviours and treat them in shorter time and much for effectively - some of our new products include:
 Motion Detector video cameras – to record and trace movements of the rodents at night – understand, where they are coming in and what they are doing and how many are there
 Snake cameras to look down holes in walls and under the floor – to locate nests, dead carcases etc.


Contact Us Services Recent Clients
Please telephone or email us with any questions that you may have about pests, our treatment services or to book an appointment with our Pest Control technicians.

Email Address :
Principal Surveyor : 079 4387 5884
Office Telephone :  0800 619 0055